At therapy and beyond, we understand that everyone needs to be approached differently and that there is no therapy type that works for everyone the same. This is why our talented staff, which has more than 20 years of combined experience branched off from our regular professions to create this blog. We believe that in order for people to understand how to deal with their stress and enhance their mental health that we need to provide information that they can find useful and tailor it to fit their specific needs.

There are many people out there that question the effectiveness of therapy, and this is because there are many therapists that use the same approach for all of their patients. In order for therapy to be effective, we must understand that everyone is different and that people must work on different aspects of the therapy process in order to find what works for them. For some people, depression and other mental health issues are genetic, and for others, they are related to factors in their daily life.

We have found that by isolating the reason for the mental stress, that we are then able to better devise a plan for recovery. We work with both psychologists and cognitive behavioral therapists in order to not only find the cause of people’s problems, but also a solution. In some cases, all it takes is an objective opinion in order to turn one’s life around, and in other cases, it takes much more deeper probing on what is causing the emotional strife. By combining all of the schools of therapy, we have reached a point where we can treat each person based on their inherent specification with a high track record for success.

Knowing what makes people tick is only half the battle though. We also understand that sometimes people just need someone to talk to. Having been in the therapy field for quite some time, we have seen all sorts of different methods for treatment as well as different ways to talk to people. The game of therapy is just as much about knowing who you are talking to as it is about knowing what to say. Our talented staff has worked with hundreds of patients throughout the years and is able to identify traits that help change our approach with each patient.

By giving our patients the tools they need to live happier healthier lives, we believe that we are the first step in mental stability. The beyond part of our name is giving people the tools they need to live their lives to the fullest even after they are out of therapy. Therapy is something that people should realize is beneficial even if you are someone that is relatively happy. We all need a helping hand at times and nobody can go through life alone. Giving people objective advice is the way that we treat all of our patients, and sometimes that’s all a person needs despite what they believe is the root of their problem.